CD/Vinyl (Switzerland) IRASCIBLE Sàrl, 1005 Lausanne Digital (Worldwide) iMusician Digital AG, 8045 Zürich DALA PRODUKTE Seenerstrasse 143 8405 Winterthur Switzerland phone: +41 52 238 26 20, email: DALA PRODUKTE is a small independent record label based in Winterthur, Switzerland. DALA 041 ADMIRAL JAMES T. “War Is Over And I’ve Won” Double-Abum 12” Vinyl - 2010 :: DALA 040 ADMIRAL JAMES T. “I See The Pirates Yellin’ At Their Foes” Double-Abum 12” Vinyl - 2008 :: PL 4504 ADMIRAL JAMES T. “The Pump Caught In My Trouser Leg” 7” Vinyl single - 2008 :: PL 4503 THE DRAINPIPES “Last Dance” 7” Vinyl single - 2006 :: IK 3301 NEUTRAL ZONE “It Don’t Mean A Thing If You Ain’t Got That Kling” CD - 2006 We’re very happy to announce ADMIRAL JAMES T. & VERENA VON HORSTEN “BY POPULAR REQUEST” (DALA 042) Verena von Horsten and Admiral James T. teamed up to re-record 12 of their already classic tracks. With their larger than life sixties-orchestra treatment they managed to make these remakes sound like originals - as if Nancy & Lee were the originators of those songs. RELEASE DATE June the 1st 2012 available on 12” vinyl and digital download recorded at DALA Studios by David Langhard TRACKLIST FREE YOUR MIND THE PUMP CAUGHT IN MY TROUSER LEG HELL BABY DARLEEN THIS TIME THERE YOU GO FIRE SUPERMAN NEW PAIR OF SHOES CATCH YOU CAROL DOWN BY THE SEA TAKE YOU BY SURPRISE NO RECORD PLAYER? BUY ONE OR GET IT ON iTUNES! We started in 1994 to release the music of Admiral James T. and his electronic counterpart Neutral Zone. Since then we produced quite a few tapes, LP’s, CD’s and 7” EP’s of other artists like the Drainpipes, Transmartha, deLorain’s Stray Bullets, My Name Is George, the Jackalopes and more. We haven’t sold as much as Chris de Burgh, but the music is good. To irritate the consumer we established PILOT RECORDS to release 7” records and INDIKATOR RECORDS for electronic music. DALA PRODUKTE remains as the mothership and houses our main artists. We like rock, beat, country, rockabilly, punk, pop. If it’s good. DEMO POLICIES: Yes, you can send us your demos. We will listen to all of ‘em, and we’ll contact you if we really love it. Don’t call us. Head of A&R: David Langhard ARTIST INFORMATIONS